S.NO Reports Preview
1 Country Report Nepal under ANPUD
Community based quality monitoring study of key harm reduction service for people who inject drug in Nepal
2 Annual Narrative Report for the period of 2018
Harm Reduction Advocacy in Asia
3 Universal Periodic Review - third cycle - 37th session - January-February 2021
Joint Submission by a Coalition if NGOs on Human Rights and Drug Policies for UPR Nepal - july 2020
4 FINAL REPORT VIIV Heath Care Challenge Fund 2020
The narrative progress report of the Challenge Fund Nepal 2020 implemented by Recovering Nepal outlines the key outcomes, which are: • The project addressed the service gap (Harm Reduction Program) for women who inject drugs (WWID) in Nepal and supported gender equity. • The project contributed 15% of the National HIV Strategic Targets for WWID. • The project empowered community- and women-led organizations in three districts in three provinces. • The project was able to successfully collaborate with the National Harm Reduction Program under the National Center for AIDS and Control (NCASC) and Save the Children/Global Fund.