Vision, Mission, Objectives & Strategy


 “Quality life of Drug Users”


  • Access in health services and good health
  • Enjoying all political, social, economical and cultural rights
  • Getting employment and
  • No discrimination and stigma and dignity of life


To empower drug users and mitigate negative consequences of drug use including blood borne infections and create enabling environment for universal access


To increase access to comprehensive services for drug users and reduce blood borne infections.


 A. To assure quality services from drug users by interpreting correct data and to promote effective and efficient services for PUDs of Nepal.

 B. To ensure decentralized and need based sustainable resource allocation for PUDs.

 C. To expand and strengthen movement of people using drug in Nepal.

 D. To enhance access to comprehensive services and ensure rights of PUDs.

 E. To increase organizational efficiency and performance level both in local to national level to standardize the identification of the organization in Nepal.

 F. To create free of stigma and discrimination with easy access to continuum of care and prevention services.