Message from Executive Director

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Recovering Nepal community website. This site describes the work of our community. All of us are delighted that you are taking the opportunity to visit us through our website. For those of you familiar with Recovering Nepal, we know that this site will rekindle fond memories of your experiences. For those new to Recovering Nepal, you are in for a treat. Recovering Nepal is a community of amazing group of individuals, organizations and thematic networks. All of us share a common set of values and a vision for our future. We are here to improve health, human rights and well-being of people who are vulnerable, marginalized and afflicted with poverty and diseases in Nepal. As you explore this website I am confident that you will see what I mean. Please take a moment to fully explore our website. If you desire further information please do not hesitate to make us a call. We have so much that we are proud of and so a lot to share. We welcome your thoughts and comments and encourage you to explore deeper into our website.