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Job Announcement: 
Recovering Nepal Research Consultant for the quality assessment of Harm Reduction Services in Nepal
Asian Network of People who Use Drugs (ANPUD) is a regional network of people who use drugs established to address challenges faced by the people who use drugs and their families in Asia. 
Recovering Nepal (RN) is a National Federation of PUDs and Drug Service Organizations in Nepal;
ANPUD in partnership RN is scheduled to conduct an operational research study to understand the situation of Harm Reduction and linkages to HIV related health services amongst PWID in Nepal in a three staged process through the Key Population Research and Advocacy (KPRA) Fund  a multi-country grant from the Global Fund for research and advocacy for people who inject drugs (PWID) in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. The first stage will be carried out at the regional level whereas activities related to the second and third stage will be carried out at the country level. 
Scope of Work
The research will focus firstly on a national level review (Desk Review) of drug use and HIV policy in current programs, strategies and policies. The second and third stages will be purely quantitative data collection from key informant interviews (KII) of selected government officials and service providers involved in harm reduction programming and implementation and lastly one-on-one interviews (consultations) with end users of these services are to be conducted. 
Position Vacancy 
In this respect RN is hiring a Consultant to conduct a research study and quality assessment of Harm Reduction Services in Nepal, since its inception till 2018. 
The objective of the assignment is to produce a critical assessment on the on the performance, accessibility and availability of Harm Reduction Services in Nepal and to present findings and observations in the form of a report for ANPUD. The report will be used as an advocacy document to promote a more effective and independent platform for evidence based advocacy for the Asia Region.
Position Requirements
The Consultant must have proven experience of harm reduction research and advocacy, particularly in the area of OST, NSEP, integrated HIV/TB services and human rights based service principles. Knowledge and experience of working with KAPs communities of PUD, networks and GF partners will be an advantage.
Interested applicants are requested to submit by e-mail an updated resume with at least 2 references and a cover letter explaining:
a)Why you are interested and 
b)How you are fit for the position  

In no more than 500 words or less, and send it to before the 20th of July, 2018, by midnight Nepal Time (UTC+5:30), with the subject line: “Application for Research Consultant for Harm Reduction Services in Nepal-(with the applicants name)”. Please note that late applications will not be entertained. 


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